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Press Coverage and Clippings


Memela Pratt acknowledged for their support of the Nelson Mandela Foundation

The CEO of the Nelson Mandela Foundation, Mr Sello Hatang, acknowledges Memela Pratt for their support of the NMF and points out that Memela Pratt and Associates appears as a donor in the latest annual report of the Foundation.

- Nelson Mandela Foundation Annual Report, March 2014 to February 2014

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Anne Pratt announced as South Africa Country Winner for the CEO 2014 Most Influential Women in Business and Government Awards

Anne Pratt won the CEO Award again in 2014 in the Business and Professional Services category.

- CEO Magazine, Special Edition 2014/2015

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Eduloan on a mission to unlock potential

Eduloan, South Africa's foremost provider of education finance, recognises that "education drives the nation forward", according to Totsie Memela, CEO.

- The Star, 2 July 2014

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Youngsters can build a knowledge-driven economy and nation

Totsie Memela provides interesting insights in this opinion piece written for the Mail & Guardian in celebration of Youth Month - June 2014

- Mail & Guardian, The Teacher, June 2014

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Success by Helping Others

The CEO of Eduloan, Totsie Memela-Khambula, is a dedicated developmental activist who committed her career to improving the lives of others

- Succeed, September 2013

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Headhunting The Best

Anne Pratt believes that you can best recognise excellence if you pursue it in yourself, which is why doing an MBA at WBS was important for this director of an executive search company.

- The WITS Business School Journal, Issue 29, 2012

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Anne Pratt on Judging Panel of CEO Magazine's Most Influential Women in Business and Government Awards

Anne Pratt was on Judging Panel 3, the final selection panel, which cast deciding votes for the 2012 CEO Most Influential Women in Business and Government Awards, along with Advocate Willem Heath and other distinguished judges. Anne Pratt also spoke on behalf of the panel at the awards ceremony - watch the clip entitled "Highlights from South Africa's CEO Magazine Awards on 26 July 2012" on our "Television Coverage and Clips" page.

- CEO Magazine, Special Edition 2012/2013

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The Last Word

"The best decision I ever made was to focus and to achieve more balance in my life, thereby developing a stronger spiritual belief that we can find a balance and succeed financially, spiritually, emotionally, intellectually and physically".

- CEO Magazine, back page

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Education - Unlocking the Potential of Future Leaders

"Since taking over as CEO, I have redefined who we are and why we do what we do. I have challenged our past measurement of success with the shareholders and the executive management team'.

- New Agenda, Issue 43, Third Quarter 2011

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In Praise of African Leadership

"From a young age, I decided that I would be successful in life and make a difference. I wanted to learn from others - global icons who shaped their organisation, their country and the world'.

- CEO Magazine's Most Influential Women in Business and Government 2012/2013 edition

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Anne Pratt - a tall poppy in the field of many

"It's not about being popular; it's about making the right decisions for the right reasons and being able to explain that to people'.

- Management Today, October 2011

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Opinions on Career and Strategy Leadership

"‘Conscious leadership’ assumes that leadership is a trait that can be taught and learnt rather than just a quality that people are born with. There are ‘natural’ leaders but if we are ‘teachable’, we learn and develop our leadership capability as we grow using certain key principles and practical suggestions'.

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Through the Lean Times

"Adopt a passionate and driven approach - do what you love, love what you do and deliver more than you promise'.

- Human Capital, October 2011

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Finance Gurus

"You have to stay on top of your game by constantly improving your ABC's: Attitude, Behaviour and Competencies. They are essential to succeed'.

- True Love, October 2011

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Pratt takes an award at South Africa's Most Influential Women in Business and Government Awards

CEO hosted its 10th annual South Africa's Most Influential Women in Business and Government Awards and presented Anne Pratt, managing director of Memela Pratt and Associates, with the award in the category 'Business - Professional Services'.

- MyPressOffice Publicity Update, 24 August 2011

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Pratt takes award for most influential woman in business

Anne Pratt, the managing director of Memela Pratt and Associates, received the award for South Africa's most influential woman in the "Business - Professional Services" category at CEO magazine's Business and Government Awards last week.

- The Star Workplace, 4 August 2011 and The Pretoria News Workplace, 5 August 2011

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Anne Pratt nominated for Most Influential Women in Business and Government Awards

Anne Pratt was nominated for South Africa's Most Influential Women in Business and Government Awards, in the category "Business - Professional Services" .

- CEO Magazine, Special Edition

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The Servant Leader

Totsie Memela is interviewed by Michael Appel regarding her new position at Eduloan.

- Succeed July 2011

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Bring on the Books

Totsie Memela wants to make education accessible, affordable and fashionable. Mandy de Waal investigates.

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We Need a Moral Revolution of Our Own

Totsie Memela is interviewed by Mandy de Waal of The Daily Maverick regarding her views on moral leadership

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Enabling visions to become reality

Totsie Memela offers career advice to prospective students seeking finance

- The Star  - 18 March 2011

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Interview with The Sowetan

Transcript of Totsie Memela's interview with The Sowetan Newspaper

- The Sowetan - 2011

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Education Comrade

Totsie Memela is interviewed by the Sunday World regarding her new position as the CEO of Eduloan

- Sunday World, 6 March 2011

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The Best & Worst of Times

Anne Pratt offers her insights on how 'success breeds success'

- Destiny, August 2010

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Business Woman of the Year Finalist

MPA pioneered transformation in the executive search industry in South Africa - we set the industry standard at the premium end of the market, 11 years ago

- BWA Aug/Sep 2009

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Heart-to-heart with a Headhunter

Nazlia Peer asked Anne Pratt what she looks for when interviewing women for top executive positions

- BWA Aug/Sep 2009

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Meeting Hilary Clinton at the IDC and Finalist SA Businesswoman of the Year (Entrepreneur)

Anne Pratt met with Hilary Clinton at the IDC in Johannesburg, South Africa in August 2009.

The article was published in Portugese newspaper O Seculo.

- O Seculo 10 Aug 2009

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One more step closer to the top

Totsie Memela-Khambule, managing director of Postbank, was appointed to the position two years ago. She says Postbank is ready to get a banking licence and do more than it has previously done

- Black Business Quarterly, Fourth Quarter 2008

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Women on boards - lessons for leadership

Setting the scene, Anne told delegates that South Africa currently has 7.8% female CEOs and chairpersons, 14.3% female directors and 25.3% female executive managers

- FoodBev Focus Summer 2008

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Meer Suid-Afrikaners in die vreemde het visier op plaaslike poste

"Suid-Afrikaners in die buiteland en ook buitelanders wat in die finansiële sektor bedrywig is, staan tou om na Suid-Afrika te kom"

- Rapport 6 Des 2008




Denkskuif oor regstellende aksie in ANC-geledere te bespeur

"Daar moet nie net gekyk word uit 'n maatskaplik-politieke oogpunt nie, maar eerder omdat dit sakesin maak."

- Sake-Rapport 27 Jul 2008 

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Too few women at top of the pile

"An 'appalling picture' of still so many JSE-listed firms without any female directors"

- Business Day 13 May 2008

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Retaining black talent

"Before focusing on retention strategies, one should focus more time and energy in the executive search and selection process up front."

- Mail & Guardian 27 Aug 2007




Wolves in sheep's clothing

"... although there may well be some professional recruiters who are worth their weight in gold."

- Marketing Mix Vol 25 No 7/8 2007

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Totsie Memela - CEO Magazine

Postbank: banking the unserved and the underserved

- CEO Magazine Vol 6 No 2 2007

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SA's glamour directors

"A growing trend on the JSE but are they worth it?"

- Moneyweb 11 Dec 2006




All about people - Totsie Memela

Totsie Memela-Khambule recently joined the Post Office as the Managing Director of Postbank and looks forward to making a difference in the lives of ordinary people, both withing the organisation and among the people Postbank serves.

- CEO Magazine 2007

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Warm welcome to women on boards

"The Veuve Cliquot flowed at the Memela Pratt & Associates launch in Sandton recently. Banker Totsie Memela, formerly with the Land Bank and FNB, acquired 51% of the executive search company, hence the name change."

- Mail & Guardian 5 Sep 2005

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 Net 7% van direksielede is vroue

"Dis verrassend dat etnisiteit en geslag steeds sulke brandende kwessies is, selfs om direksietafels."

- Rapport Loopbane 4 Sep 2005

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Staying ahead of the game

"I am so grateful for the MBA. I learned in a practical way from my classmates who came from diverse backgrounds"

- The Wits Business School Journal July 2005

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Gapings skep ongelykheid

"Hoogs opgeleide swart beroeps- en bestuurslui kan 'n skaarsheidspremie van tussen 30% en 40% op hul salarisse eis. Dié syfers het die afgelope week aan die lig gekom nadat die minister van finansies, mnr. Trevor Manuel, skerp kritiek uitgespreek het op die buitengewoon hoë salarisse wat aan sekere swart deskundiges betaal word. Manuel het gesê dit vererger ongelykhede in die swart gemeenskap."

- Rapport 20 Sep 2004




Mens is meer as sy MBA, sê agentskappe

"Werkgewers het lankal wakker geskrik oor die feit dat sommige MBA-kwalifikasies niks werd is nie."

- Rapport 22 May 2004




Anne Pratt "Entrepreneurs challenge the status quo"

"The successful entrepreneur and the successful executive needs determination, drive, high levels of energy and a strong can-do attitude"

"A core belief in yourself and in the business you work in is vital. Accountability is always a key factor."

- Succeed Jan-Feb 2004

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Someone who sees right through the glass ceiling

"A womens power in the workplace - and in every aspect of her life - depends on how she sees herself."

- The Star Sept 2003

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Women: vital ingredient for successful boards

"I saw my mission as one of preaching reconciliation, of binding the wounds of the country, of engendering trust and confidence." - Nelson Mandela

Anne Pratt heads up Anne Pratt & Associates which is an executive search company. She recently received the Entrepreneur of the Year award from the Businesswomans Association.

"Companies also need to be open to the professional development of support structures to fast track women. Be bold, take calculated risks based on womens potential. Women, in turn, should embrace the opportunities and position themselves with world-class skills."

- Management Today Oct 2003

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Op soek na ware transformasie

Sy help SA maatskappye om anders te dink.

Dit is ironies dat die bestuur van diversiteit binne haar eie maatskappy juis een van haar grootste uitdagings was.

"Ons was die eerste plasingsmaatskappy wêreldwyd wat n swart vrou as konsultant aangestel het."

- Finansies en Tegniek 3 Sept 2003

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"Ontwikkel nog topvlakmense"

"Maatskappye moet ook besef hoewel iemand in n toppos aangestel word, dit nie noodwendig beteken dat die persoon nie verder ontwikkel hoef te word nie..."

- Rapport 21 Sept 2003

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In search of real transformation

Helping to create a mindset shift in corporate SA.

Ironically, one of the greatest challenges she faced was embracing diversity within her own company.

"South Africa has lots of talented people, but we have to look at developing them..."

- Financial Mail 3 Sept 2003

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Secrets of a successful entrepreneur

Anne Pratt... many small businesses cant afford formal research, but you can do qualitative research by talking to stakeholders.

- Business Day 25 Sept 2003

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