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Executive Search Approach

Find people that fit into the company culture and add value to your organisation when you have an international executive search firm that finds the candidate that meets your specifications. Memela Pratt & Associates has over fifty offices around the world and are experts at global networking – identifying the best talent that you need.

What makes us unique is that we conduct our research and human resource aspects with the strategic requirements of your business. Whether your organisation is seeking a candidate with certain gender or black empowerment specifications, we are fully equipped to find the person you need.

How we conduct our research to search for the best executive

  • Collaborate with the client – we discuss your key strategic objectives and challenges with you. Because nobody knows your business better than you do, we need to get a clear understanding of the client company and what type of talent you need.
  • Target market portfolio - research your target market definition and agree upon a guideline for the research and executive search process.
  • Potential candidates are identified – We use our research tools and expertise to source through a wide range of potential candidates. We have strong networks to gain confidential insights into individuals, their track records and reputations.
  • Interviews and feedback – Interviews are conducted with the client’s needs and specifications are the most important guidelines. You will receive feedback and progress reviews regarding each potential candidate that could possibly fit your profile blueprint.
  • Meeting the shortlist – You will receive a list of potential shortlist candidates and be able to discuss these with us. The candidate profile includes:
          • biographical data
          • qualifications
          • career track record
          • remuneration
          • the availability of candidates
          • full summary appraisal for each candidate
  • Selecting the preferred candidate(s) – We facilitate the process for the client and candidates so that all issues are dealt with to reach a conclusion. Full data, credit, criminal and reference checks are done to verify the integrity of all data and information. We can also provide full psychological assessments so that a full analysis of competencies, personality and interests of the candidates can be established.
  • Final negotiations with the chosen candidate – We facilitate the final search negotiations and follow up with the company and candidate after the candidate has joined, to ensure both parties have met their expectations.

Read what our clients have said about the services that we offer and contact us for the best international executive search to find the candidate you need.

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