Company Profile : Core Values and Commitments

Core Values

What are Memela Executive Search Company’s Core Values?

Our executive search company believes in a value system that creates cohesion in the team and:

Inspires business minded people who love to move with winners, who constantly strive for excellence and achieve "extraordinary" things

Upholds the rights, dignity and respect of all stakeholders and all multicultural groups

Builds long lasting relationships with all stakeholders and develops "intellectual capital"

Attracts the type of people who measure their own success in life not simply by "what" they are and "what" they have achieved, but also by "who" they are and "how" they have achieved it

Fosters teamwork and trust, for our clients and candidates, in the way we work, and for each other

Applauds and acknowledges people who have integrity, are accountable, dedicated, transfer ideas into a tangible reality, "walk the talk" and who go the extra mile

Creates a culture of "giving and generosity", playing it forward, and a strong work ethic

Acknowledges that we sometimes get it wrong and lose the balance, but we are "teachable", and we value each stakeholder who is often our greatest teacher.


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