Company Profile : Company Mission Statement

Company Mission Statement

A vision, commitment and passion to:

Be a dominant player in the premium end segment of the Executive Search and Management Selection Consulting industry in South Africa, Africa and globally

To support leading organisations in South Africa to identify and attract courageous, world class Leaders who are competent, have integrity, and a passion to transform South Africa

To support great Leaders, throughout their career, to enhance their competence in every way - emotionally and spiritually too so they can "be their best" and achieve "goodness" and "greatness" for the country, for the African continent, and for the World. Support young leaders through other initiatives

To dispel the myths and to prove that gender diversity and Black Economic Empowerment, combined with meritocracy, can be achieved in South Africa and globally because people of all cultures and both genders are teachable, competent and add value. Support high integrity, courageous and competent leaders of all cultural and racial backgrounds

Continue to lead our industry and be at the forefront of transformation and empowerment in South Africa. Proactively support the economic redistribution of wealth by creating new business and career opportunities for previously disadvantaged South Africans

Create awareness and sensitise corporate South Africa and leading multinationals internationally to the challenges of attracting and retaining high calibre people

Fundamental to our underlining philosophy, to remain constantly alert, flexible and responsive to the needs of our customers namely corporate clients, candidates, employees and business partners and to live by the credo that the "customer is king"

Add value to the Executive recruitment processes to ensure that good corporate governance is practised in leading corporates both locally and globally

Gain recognition and respect in each of our key client industries including, but not exclusively, telecommunications/cellular, financial services, fast moving consumer goods, media industry, manufacturing, State Owned Enterprises and NGOs

Enhance our maverick, entrepreneurial and marketing drive to deliver and compete with the best in the world

Remain at the leading edge of technology to constantly enhance service quality delivery

Constantly "push the envelope" to develop "from within". Retain a passion to make a noticeable difference to the quality and value of lives of all of our stakeholders, including our own team and business partners


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