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We celebrated Global Women at the
IWF World Leadership Conference in Atlanta
29-31 October 2014



 Totsie Memela, Ruby Bridges
(American Civil Rights Activist) and Anne Pratt



Anne Pratt pictured with Maureen Harding Clark,
who served as a Judge on the UN War Crimes Tribunal

Please click on the links for a special look at this remarkable program.
World Conference Overview

Photo Gallery

Press Samples

Video Highlights  (password: iwforum)



Gauteng Premier Nomvula Mokonyane hosted a dinner
to celebrate and share ideas on women advancement
in the 21st century

Anne Pratt and Gauteng Premier Nomvula Mokonyane


All the Women Ministers from the Lesotho Government


Angie Makwetla, Anne Pratt and Lesotho Cabinet Ministers




Anne Pratt won the CEO Magazine " SA's Most Influential Women in Business and Government Awards - Business and Professional Services category" on 29 July 2011
at the Sandton Convention Centre 


Anne Pratt received this prestigious award



Basetsana Khumalo, Josina Machel, Cyril Khambule, Eva Tinnefeld,
Totsie Memela and Wendy Klaasen at the celebration event





Anne Pratt and Dr Peter Magubane at the 
Peter Magubane 'Child Labour Photographic Exhibition' 
held at Museum Africa on 12 June 2011






Anne Pratt and Santie Botha
 Inauguration of Chancellor of the Nelson Mandela 
Metropolitan University (Port Elizabeth)




Anne Pratt, Jane Raphaely, Santie Botha and Pat Pillai
 Inauguration of Chancellor of the 
Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University (Port Elizabeth)


Anne Pratt, Pat Pillai, Santie Botha and Deputy Chief Justice Dikgang Moseneke
 Inauguration of Chancellor of the 
Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University (Port Elizabeth)

Mandela Poem on display at the Nelson Mandela Foundation


A Leader... A Birth... A Nation.

A poem about the qualities inherent in Great Leadership, the qualities and abilities of an individual to turn around an organization on the brink of uncertain turmoil and potential disaster, that organization being South Africa. This was just post the first democratic elections ever in the history of this nation in 1994 and just prior to the 1995 World Cup rugby hosted in this very same rugby proud nation of yesteryear: amidst the excitement of true democracy and the dark fear of an Afrikaans White minority who did not know how to accept the loss of power and their uncertain future… but who still had the opportunity to excel at what they did so well… South African rugby… and that iconic leader, our very own Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela.

A rugby ball, preparation,
Practice and dedication
Ambiguous moments, up and down
Confusion, uncertainty all around…
Is it colour, religion, culture or race,
We are anxious and muddled
Amidst the puddles
Can we handle this God sent pace?

Sunshine and rain, what is the game
Hard or soft, we know the pitch
South Africa’s ride, not smooth … another glitch
A phone call, a connection, then disbelief
Can a President create such heartfelt relief
The Afrikaner Boer leads the pride of a nation
50 million people are filled with elation

Is apartheid dead or alive
At that moment it cannot thrive
Suppressed by a tolerance,
as forgiveness abounds
We unexpectedly make it to the final round
As the All Blacks masquerade their usual decree
We know the odds, we are not fully degreed
Yet the unbelievable unveils
A vision of hope we dare to create
Across a nation of racial debate

A benevolent “dictator” challenges a nation
To open all hearts in revelation
A leader inspired by followers to lead
And remove the shackles of opportunistic greed
The game has changed from low odds to high
As national jets fill our skies
Racists of all colour shed the handcuffs of shame
As they immerse themselves in this rugby game

And true to form no prediction is safe
It requires a relentless presence to stay in this race
As the Universe would have it
We play fully to the end
Did we ever think Blacks and Whites could be friends
As the final drop goal went over the posts
The game of glory went to the hosts
A nation of honour, of hope, of light
A sense we can outrun this plight

A future of camaraderie, connection and pride
Ten steps forward, all in our stride
A tale of spirit, determination and courage
A new found platform for love and honour
The President in the Captain’s jersey, green and gold
South Africans could not wait for all to be told
A significant shift in values and “rights”
A new beginning long into the night
An all night party, on the streets
An African drum beats a new beat

So what is the birth of this elation….
A world acclaimed South African Rainbow Nation!

Thoughts and words by: Anne Pratt, an inspired South African, Director Memela Pratt & Associates

Executive Leadership: The Business of Adding Value
We Salute You Madiba!


Mandela Poem on display at the Gordon Institute of Business Science


Anne Pratt a finalist in the 2009 Business Woman of the Year Award 
(Entrepreneur Category)

Thank YOU for your support which has been a catalyst for our achievement as 
SA Runner up/Finalist for the 2009 SA Business Woman of the Year Awards (Entrepreneur category)
 - you help us 'make a difference' and identify Leadership in South Africa, Africa and globally!

Please note our new contact details are:

Tel: 27 11 807 9313
Fax: 27 11 807 9322

Senior Partner Totsie Memela-Khambule and support team members Tuki Modiselle (left) and Fikiswa Rigala toasted Anne on her success



 We are proud to announce our 11th Birthday on the 1st of May 2009

Anne and Totsie thank YOU - our valued business partners and clients for your invaluable encouragement, loyalty and support over the past eleven years.
YOU help us to "make a difference".

 We remain fully committed to identifying, sourcing and placing high calibre, strategic,
world class, high integrity leadership committed to change in SA, Africa and globally.

We look forward to our continued friendship and partnership in the years to come.


"Well done and congratulations! Hope you celebrate in style - Memela Pratt & Associates deserve it."
Eva Tinnefeld
Corporate Investment Matter (Pty) Ltd
"Congratulations Anne, Totsie and Colleagues. May you continue to grow from strength to strength."
Louis Marais
Managing Director
Innovative Technical Solutions
"Well done Anne and all the best with your celebrations. I trust you'll be around a lot longer."
Ian Cockerell
Anglo American Services (UK) LTD
"Congratulations on your partnership which has endured and seen you grow from strength to strength. It is an honour to know you and to have done business with you and also to have formed friendships over the years. May you continue to prosper and be successful over the next 11 years or more."
Jenny Jeftha
Head: Human Resources
South African Reserve Bank
"Congratulations on an outstanding achievement and effort - the fruits no doubt of an excellent and complementary team. I wish you nothing but happiness and further success."
Dave Behrens
Group Human Resources Executive
Crossroads Distribution
"Superb! Super achievement! Role models for women empowerment! Keep going for many more!"
Krish Govender
Executive Member
National Association of Democratic Lawyers (NADEL)


October 2007- 25 th Anniversary 
Celebrating “Women Changing the World and Shaping the Future”

Anne Pratt and business partner, Totsie Memela have recently returned from the International Women’s Forum which was held in Chicago two weeks ago.

The IWF is a global organization of pre-eminent women of significant and diverse achievement advancing women’s leadership across careers, cultures and continents. Members of IWF come together to further dynamic leadership, leverage global access and maximise opportunities for women to exert their influence. Both Billie Jean King and our very own, Graca Machel were recognised as exceptional women. Billie for spearheading the women’s movement in sport and for her life-long struggle for equality in women’s tennis. Graca, for her dedication to educating the people of Mozambique and for her leadership in organizations devoted to the children of the war-torn country.
Interesting findings and facts from this year’s forum….
Messages from past political leaders and scientific breakthroughs predicted to come to fruition in the next 50 years:  
Mary Robinson, former President of Ireland : “women should teach their sons differently regarding the role of women and men in society…and their respective roles… in our family my brothers and I were taught we had equal opportunity ”
Portia Simpson Miller, former Prime Minister of Jamaica - Opposition Leader: “women should be less critical of other women and focus on the quality of their work and contribution rather than on their cosmetic appearance…”
Elizabeth Loftus - Prof Psychology & Social Behavior, University California, Irvine
“Imagine a world where anyone with the right technique and suitable pharmaceuticals can implant false memories into anyone they choose”
Ellen Heber-Katz -Prof Molecular & Cellular Oncogenesis
“The day is not far off when we will be able to prescribe drugs that cause severed spinal cords to heal and hearts to regenerate”
Carolyn Porco -Leader Cassini Imaging Team, Nasser
“The most significant development in next 50yrs will be discovery of extraterrestrial life forms, on another solar system body”
Irene Pepperberg - Harvard University Psychologist
“By 2056 we will use birds to understand how human language evolved”
Mina Teicher - Prof mathematics, Bar-Ilan University, Chief Scientist Israeli Ministry
How does the brain work? Will women be instrumental in solving its mysteries using their interdisciplinary, multi tasking skills?”
What are some of the global messages from leading Women Executives and political leaders….
  • Being isolated at the top- how best to manage this- support structures, mentors, role models
  • Global connectivity, global citizenship, our inability to learn from past mistakes
  • Make sense of all these global issues, how to prioritise them, focus one’s efforts- have a grounded message to influence others
  • Climate change, require regulation to create a sustainable world, need to act
  • Rural women- how do we empower them
  • How to keep pace with men and still contribute to the family
  • Will we do enough to leave a legacy? ‘ To whom much is given, much is expected’
  • Show up with authenticity-be real, be true, be passionate. Play it forward, support other women
  • Help all women with their decisions- those with careers and those who choose to stay at home
  • Reverse mentoring- ‘mentor your mentor’. Create a journey of co development, with other women and with men, co create wisdom for more effective leadership
  • For “ women currently at the top” - learn to ‘let go’ modify the ‘perfection’ model and empower your team
  • More women should run for public office and make an impact on the legislation of the land to influence change
  • Create a critical mass of gender representation to create stronger support systems and to ‘be heard’ as women
  • There is no honour in being 1st, there is only honour in not being last!


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